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MM Textile Paints

E1 Creative produces various types of paints and equipment as well as handicrafts and arts products, especially in the field of painting. We have painting paint products that have been marketed for quite a long time since 2008. And have become a trust for artists and craftsmen throughout Indonesia. Painting paints with the MM brand have been trusted for more than ten years by professional artists throughout Indonesia. To produce high-quality artwork and high selling value. Craftsmen and artists who are very concerned about customer satisfaction from the high quality of the products produced.

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For those of you who need painting paint and want to consult about fabric painting, you can contact us directly on the Contact Us menu. You can order via the WhatsApp contact. Thank you, hopefully you can cooperate well.

cat airbrush textile tekstil mm untuk kain kaos jaket sepatu dllcat melukis airbrush kaos

INTRODUCTION TO THE TYPE OF PAINTED PAINTED MM BRAND TEXTILE CLOTH. Can be used to paint all types of fabrics, both natural fibers and synthetic fibers. With the results of flexible paintings not stiff and not fade. All products from fabrics can be painted, such as clothes, t-shirts, veils, bags, shoes, pillow cases, curtains, tablecloths, jackets, jeans, etc. The paintings are smooth and not rigid, so they are comfortable to touch and wear.

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cat lukis kain tekstil mm


cat lukis tekstil mm untuk lukis baju sepatu tas dompet kaos baju kaos celana jaket jeans dllcat lukis kais tekstil mm

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