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Quadrilateral Silk Veil by Niagati Scarf Painting

In this article we showcase the work of our best friend, Mrs. Ida Niagati. She produces beautiful full motif silk painting scarves. Made from plain white silk fabric and processed by coloring to become a beautiful product.

Mrs. Ida Niagati created a fashion company that produces painting scarves. Producing high quality scarf paintings. The process of making painting veils is 100% handmade by using very fine silk materials and unique designs, but at quite affordable prices. Produces two types of scarf paintings using synthetic paint, and natural paint made from natural materials taken from trees that grow in Indonesia.

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Furthermore, he guaranteed that the products were environmentally friendly. Niagati painting scarves are made from genuine silk made in Indonesia, and have special uniqueness. The manufacturing process from the initial process which is still in the form of white silk material until the end of the process takes one week. Give top priority to the characteristics that Niagati Painting products are of high quality.

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So a little of our review illustrates the beautiful production of Ida Niagati’s scarf.

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